Get a clear overview of tasks and token flows in your DAO

Next-level coordination, where we know every DAO is unique!


Contributor Culture

Make it a standard within your DAO that contribution is key. Support and incentives new and current contributors. Get an overview of who is doing what!

DAO Flexibility

No limits on DAO-structure, launch your buckets and task completely flexible to fit into your specific needs. Create transparency and increase DAO visibility.

Standard bounties

Smart Contracts in Solidity to serve as a Standard for Bounties for EVM dApps tested and recognised for maximum security and reliability. Lock up funds in an escrow contract and reward people for completing tasks.

Turning members into contributors

Through a smooth and flexible onboarding we turn DAO contributors into members. Providing a structured and simple path to contribute and join/vibe.


Retroactive funding

Support your fellow contributors by the ability to retroactively fund projects that have had a valuable impact. An increase in contributor culture and possibility to earn passive income on your contributions.

Task upvoting

Ability to upvote and downvote well-written tasks. Get input from the community on the importance and outcome of tasks.

Visualize token flows & allocation

A clear overview of the incoming and outgoing allocations, what is being prioritised and who’s getting paid.

StandardBounties v3

Working towards a collaborative and transferrable infrastructure with the upcoming v3. EVM compatible Layer2 support | Subgraph | Frontend

Modular task criteria

Ensure quality outcome by setting stackable rules to your tasks. Such as giving the long-time members who know the community certain tasks.

Create tasks from Discord

Bring the tasks to where your contributors are, with easy creation and management directly from Discord.

Making DAOs organized

Create a clear and structured overview of DAO-allocations. A better way to create ownership, increase DAO-visibility and create a culture of contribution.

Turn members into contributors and launch your own task overview simplyfing the contributor experience.

How it started

After being on both sides of the table of contribution. As Discord lurkers, contributing DAO-members and part of core teams - we build a tool that we need, and that we want to use. Without any limits 100% flexible to the DAO:s need! We wanted to create a better overview of DAO:s their members, domains and open tasks! To see how funds are allocated and even suggest where you feel contribution is needed.

A new way for DAOs to get their members to start contributing and make it easier for the core team and DAO to decide on future core contributors. Partitioning funds into buckets creates transparency for anyone to easily see what funds have been allocated to a specific area and who is currently in control of them. It also enables the DAO to perform analysis such as which domains are using the capital in the most efficient manner.

Built by: @jontgus, @danielivert, @Adam_Strandberg, @Morkeeth, @_geimaj

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